Exploratory psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Deep grief work. These are words to describe our work with patients at Intrapsychic.

What early events have hurt someone, and how? Can we help people identify these events, identify their effects, and unravel them? There is now clear empirical evidence to indicate that we can. Our goal is to help people scrape off unnecessary self-blame, and misery, by becoming reflective. If we can untangle these we can help them love. 

The goal of our efforts is to create a freestanding, outpatient mental health clinic that adheres to tenets of psychoanalysis and attachment theory. We try to provide patients a new attachment experience through psychotherapy--for those who are preoccupied in their attachment style, for those who are dismissive, and, indeed, psychopathic. 

We would also like to provide to the scientific community data which corroborates our methods--that which indicates that those who graduate treatment from Intrapsychic engage in less problem behavior than either people left untreated or those who are treated according to a different theoretical modality.



“The human psyche, like human bones, is strongly inclined towards self-healing.”

 – John Bowlby