James A. Reavis, Psy.D., is the director of Intrapsychic. The clinic provides treatment and evaluation to adolescent and adult males and females, people who refer themselves and people who are referred by other parties. 


Dr. Reavis was the first provider in San Diego certified to work with cases of stalking and harassment. Dating from 2004 he has worked with adult males classified by the state of California as Sexually Violent Predators. In 2014 he began work with adult child pornography 'pretrial' cases, for United States Federal Pretrial Services. In 2015 he was awarded the contract to evaluate adult males released from prison to county probation, under California Assembly Bill 109, and in 2018 he was awarded the contract, by United States Federal Probation, to evaluate the risk of, and treat, post-sentence child pornography offenders. He conducts research on the nature and dynamics of social deviance, and on the psychological construct of attachment.