Susan Storm

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for James A. Reavis, Psy.D., whom I have known and worked with over the last five years.

As a director of the largest probation departmental office in San Diego County, I have worked with Dr. Reavis in several capacities. We have served on two committees together, which were devoted to the creation of evaluation, treatment and supervision standards for probationers charged with crimes of stalking and sexual offense. I have read numerous forensic evaluations completed by him, and have found his work to be detailed, precise, and helpful to probation officers writing court reports and supervising offenders in the community. I am also familiar with the treatment programs he provides for offenders, and believe his programs target appropriate cognitive and behavioral issues.

Dr. Reavis' work has been exemplary. His evaluations are 'state of the science' and include the latest developments in the field of forensic risk appraisal. His treatment programs are rigorous, comprehensive, and extremely well thought of by the criminal justice system, and his contributions to the committees on which he has served have been significant. In addition, over the past several years my office has contracted with Dr. Reavis to provide training to supervising officers in different areas of forensic psychology, and these have helped officers understand the psychological aspects of their cases.

It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Reavis for any project in which he becomes involved. His ability to train staff, evaluate and treat offender populations, and assist in the development of community standards and priorities will make him an asset to any organization in which he works.

Please feel free to call with any additional information I can provide.


Susan Storm