Franklyn W. Dunford, Ph.D. - 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. James A. Reavis. Dr. Reavis worked with me on an experimental evaluation of interventions designed to treat Navy men who had been substantiated as having assaulted their wives. The focus of his work with me was to oversee assessments of psychopathy among spouse abusers. The measure we used to assess psychopathy was developed by Dr. Robert Hare, University of British Columbia. James spent several days at UBC working with Dr. Hare and his staff, reviewing the administrative techniques associated with using their psychopathy measures for clinical and forensic applications. Dr. Reavis then trained about a dozen Navy Case Workers (licensed MSWs) on the administration of the psychopathy measures and provided continuous training and oversight over the course of the research. His work was excellent!

After working with Dr. Reavis for well over a year, it is no exaggeration to say that this young man is truly impressive. His level of knowledge and skill are exceptional, as is his ability to communicate that knowledge to others. He has an excitement and enthusiasm for his work that is infectious. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to work with James. He is totally dependable, responsible, and hard working. As important, he is good humored, fun, and easy to work with. James is an extraordinary young man and scholar and I recommend him to you without reservation.

If you should have any questions I would be more than pleased to respond.


Franklyn W. Dunford, Ph. D.
Senior Research Assiociate
University of Colorado at Boulder 

J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D, ABPP

13 March 2007 

Re: James A. Reavis, Psy. D. 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I have known Dr. Reavis for fifteen years, and have been impressed with his knowledge, motivation, and experience in the forensic evaluation and treatment of criminal offenders. 

Dr. Reavis was among the first treatment providers in San Diego authorized to work with stalking offenders. We have recently submitted a study on psychopathy among stalkers for publication in a peer reviewed science journal. Dr. Reavis has also co-authored with me a chapter for the book, Severe Personality Disorders, which will be published by Cambridge University Press this year. Dr. Reavis has also been responsible for providing appraisals of violence risk to the San Diego County Superior Court and the Department of Probation concerning this population.

Dr. Reavis also evaluates and treats sex offenders, and is responsible for the treatment and risk management of Sexually Violent Predators in San Diego County. I have read several of his evaluations, and find them to be the "state of the science" in assessing predictors of sexual recidivism, including deviant sexual interest and psychopathy. His evaluations also include the most up to date research references, as well as recommendations for management of the offender in the community given his level of risk. 

Dr. Reavis is a man of honesty and integrity, and I have never known him to fabricate or distort the truth. I recommend to you the forensic evaluation and treatment skills of James A. Reavis, Psy.D. He is intelligent, honest, and motivated to provide specific services with a unique expertise which is very difficult to find in other professionals. 

J. Reid Meloy, Ph. D., ABPP 
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry 
Univ. of California, San Diego 
Adjunct Professor, University of San Diego School of Law

Susan Storm

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for James A. Reavis, Psy.D., whom I have known and worked with over the last five years.

As a director of the largest probation departmental office in San Diego County, I have worked with Dr. Reavis in several capacities. We have served on two committees together, which were devoted to the creation of evaluation, treatment and supervision standards for probationers charged with crimes of stalking and sexual offense. I have read numerous forensic evaluations completed by him, and have found his work to be detailed, precise, and helpful to probation officers writing court reports and supervising offenders in the community. I am also familiar with the treatment programs he provides for offenders, and believe his programs target appropriate cognitive and behavioral issues.

Dr. Reavis' work has been exemplary. His evaluations are 'state of the science' and include the latest developments in the field of forensic risk appraisal. His treatment programs are rigorous, comprehensive, and extremely well thought of by the criminal justice system, and his contributions to the committees on which he has served have been significant. In addition, over the past several years my office has contracted with Dr. Reavis to provide training to supervising officers in different areas of forensic psychology, and these have helped officers understand the psychological aspects of their cases.

It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Reavis for any project in which he becomes involved. His ability to train staff, evaluate and treat offender populations, and assist in the development of community standards and priorities will make him an asset to any organization in which he works.

Please feel free to call with any additional information I can provide.


Susan Storm