compulsive sexual behavior program

Adult males who have engaged in problem or illegal sexual behavior, as well as men who are struggling with compulsive sexual thoughts, comprise the client population of this program.  Each client is provided with a specific curriculum, asked to complete assignments outside of group, and then to present these during the group session for feedback. The initial focus of discussion remains specific: on acceptance of responsibility for the behavior and the distortions in thinking that led to it, on the suspension of empathy which facilitated it, on awareness of precipitants, and on cognitive and behavioral strategies to 'interrupt' this cycle in the future.  Once these goals have been accomplished the group moves into more attachment-based assignments, with the assistance of questions from the Adult Attachment Inventory (Main & Goldwyn, 1994).  The focus now becomes early attachment disruptions (e.g. loss of a parent, chronic abuse at the hands of a parent), and the way these have influenced the patient in his decision-making as an adult.  The healing part of the program comes in the form of reliving the past abuse in a safe environment, from the intimacy that is created in the midst of this, from the recognition that early attributions of blame were misplaced, and from the psychologically 'freeing' nature of recognizing that the loss of love was not the fault of the child.


Each client at Intrapsychic is thought to be an adult capable of making his own decisions, and is respected as such. Clients are empathically supported as they develop the internal strength to honestly account for their behavior, and make positive changes to better their lives.